Automated Changes

Template your CLI changes and deploy them across your devices with a few clicks. Reduce repetitive tasks and the possibility of human error. Use point-and-click programming logic without the need of scripts or a DevOps team.
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Event Response

Automatically respond to  events within your IT infrastructure and network. Take an instant snapshot of your systems as the event occurs and automatically take steps to resolve the issue.
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Secure Cloud

Leverage our scalable secure cloud to fit your needs. Reduce operational overhead from managing scripts and dealing with endless support and security patching.
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Automate Changes

Template your common CLI command changes and deploy them with a few clicks. Whether deploying a change to a single device or thousands, our cloud automation scales to fit your needs.

Our Point-and-Click  programmability allows you to use programming logic such as if statements and arguments without the complexity of dealing with automation scripts and their dependencies.

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Managed Secure Cloud

Focus on building and scaling your automated IT infrastructure and spend less time worrying about managing the security patches, updates and hardware resources of another software.

Our secure cloud scales to fit your needs and follows industry best practices for SaaS software development and cloud security.

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Event Response

Create event driven actions to automatically gather information, troubleshoot and remediate problems within your environment.

Generate a real-time snapshot of your environment as an issue occurs and view detailed reports through our logging or your preferred notification channel.

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