Event Response

Respond to Events Automatically

Create an event based on standard protocols like SNMP, Syslog, or Ping (ICMP) and take an automatic response to the event when it’s received from your selected device or devices.

Respond with something as simple as a single show command or create a response with multiple remediation steps and programming logic. Either way, our features and scalability to fit your needs.

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Instant Snapshot

Event Response takes an instant snapshot of your selected device or devices just moments after the event occurs and creates a detailed report viewable within Thundermoth that can be sent to the notification channel of your choice.

No more “ghost” issues. Often times a root cause becomes nearly impossible to identify due to the issue ending before an engineer is able to view the alert and take the first troubleshooting steps. Our powerful snapshot feature allows you to automatically capture the issue as it occurs.

Point And Click Programming

Use our powerful Point-and-Click programmability features to use programming logic without dealing with headache of managing single-use scripts or their dependencies.

Our programmability features allow you pass variables, create outputs, timers, comments, and use if statements to compare your values or findings and select an appropriate action based on the results.

The best part? Programmability is completely optional and it’s all done through our simple and easy to learn web-application. No coding or back-end work required!

Detailed Reporting

Our reporting and search features allow you to easily view the who, what, when, and where of all event responses, changes and access to your instance of Thundermoth.

View the full history of when events and responses were created, triggered, modified, or deleted and who made the change.

Click a detailed report to see precisely what happened on each device during runtime of the response.

Easily view when users accessed Thundermoth and  details such as their IP address and operating system.

Role Based Access

Create roles for any number of users, use-cases or skill levels. Enjoy complete control of what parts of Thundermoth are viewable or editable for each user, and easily modify roles at any time.


Unlimited Roles and Users come standard with every instance of Thundermoth.

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